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Infection Control for Childcare Professionals

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Infections and diseases can easily and quickly spread within childcare and education environments. This is a result of large numbers of children frequently coming into contact with each other, who may not yet have good personal hygiene or immunity against infections.

Good infection control measures are important, in order to maintain a safe environment for both children and staff. This can only be achieved through education and awareness.

Learn HQ has developed an interactive course that acts as a practical guide on how to prevent the spread of contagious infections and diseases.

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Infection Control includes the following chapters:

  • Introduction – Find out about the importance of infection control, micro-organisms, and how infections can affect the human body.
  • How Infections Spread – Learn about the four different ways infections can be transmitted, different types of infections, ‘The Chain of Infection’, and vulnerable children.
  • MRSA – Information on MRSA, how it can spread, and how to prevent it from spreading in childcare environments.
  • How to Prevent Infections Spreading – Find out about basic good hygiene, how to thoroughly wash your hands, how to deal with laundry, cleaning the environment, litter box care, food handling staffs’ responsibilities, and what precautions to take when participating in water-based activities.
  • Cuts, Bites, and Needle Stick Injuries – This chapter looks at personal protective clothing, how to clean up blood and body fluid spillages, spillages kits, what to do if a child or member of staff is bitten, and how to deal with hypodermic needle injuries.
  • Animals – Find out how to reduce the risk of catching infections from animals, staff responsibilities, and what precautions should be taken when visiting farms.
  • Symptoms – Learn about what symptoms to look out for and what to do if you think a child has an infectious disease.
  • Staff Health – Guidelines on what to do if a pregnant member of staff comes into contact with an infectious disease.
  • Assessment – With a printable certificate upon completion (85% pass rate).

It will take approx. 1 hr to complete.