Fire Safety in the Workplace
Fire Safety in the WorkplaceFire Safety in the WorkplaceFire Safety in the WorkplaceFire Safety in the Workplace

Fire Safety in the Workplace

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Under the Fire Safety Order 2005 fire safety training is a legal requirement for staff in the UK.

The course provides employees with essential information on what causes a fire, how they can be prevented, and most importantly what to do in the event of an emergency – to ensure the safety of not only themselves but also others on site.

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This course is available for immediate download with a Site License, meaning you can train all your staff at any one location for a one-off fee. Click Add to basket and get started straight away.

Alternatively, access can be provided through a Learning Management System (LMS) to allow online access and reporting. Call 01285 719920 to discuss your requirements.

The course includes sections on:

Fire Fundamentals – Explores the chemical processes that result in a fire, the different types (“classes”) of fire, and the different types of fire extinguishers that are available.

Fire Prevention – Find out who is most likely to commit arson and how to deter and prevent attacks. This section also provides learners with clear examples of how each class of fire can be prevented.

Fire Safety – Outlines the importance of fire safety signs, being aware of the location of fire equipment, understanding your Fire Action Notice and knowing your escape route.

Fire Emergency – Discusses what you should do if you discover a fire, hear the fire alarm, or find yourself trapped in a room full of smoke. You will also learn how to operate a fire extinguisher and how to use a fire blanket.

At the end of the course, there is a short assessment to test the learner’s understanding of the subject. A certificate can be printed upon successful completion.

Fire Safety in the Workplace can be used on its own or combined with other Learn HQ courses to form a learning programme.

Learners in Childcare or Education should see Fire Safety for Childcare Settings.